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Long Wait Will Come to an End


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It's Been a Long Time

Just before Christmas 2017 we shut down due to the pending arrival of our baby, who arrived on the 27th December 2017. We always knew there would be a time where we would be unavailable to make liners due to recovery from the birth and then logistics of trying to do anything with a 2/3yr old and a newborn. It was our intention to get back up and running again after a few months once things settled down at home.

As any of you who have children would know, intentions and reality don't always go hand in hand .... not even close most of the time LOL So, a few months came and went and our darling daughter thought it would be fun to keep us awake every night. More time came and went and she still carried on with this now less humourous nightly routine. Let's just say it has now been 10 months and she is still not sleeping that great.

With this lack of sleep, a now 3yr old to entertain, looking after our older children, running our sister business Ab Fab Textiles, running our small animal boarding business (Bristol Pet Boarding) and dealing with all the other things life has thrown at us this year we have unfortunately not been able to get back to making the liners yet. However we are still planning on coming back online though this will not be before Christmas this year.

We are planning on making a few changes which will allow us to start making again in the early part of 2019. Initially this may be pre-made liners and not custom liners however we do plan to make liners in popular C&C cage sizes in a variety of colours and patterns to allow people the chance to buy liners for their animals.

Thank you to everyone for their understanding an patience and sorry we have not been about but we just haven't had the time required to make liners this year.

In the mean time, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/Festive period, a very Happy New Year and we look forward to updating you all again in the New Year

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