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This is for our Bespoke Liner Service. This allows you to pick a particular C&C Cage, Ferplast Cage or Zoozone Cage size and then pick what colour/patterned fleece you would like it made from. Please be aware that bespoke orders may take up to 7-10 days to fulfil.

Our C&C Cage Liners have taken a long time to design as we've used our years of experience of keeping guinea pigs and spoken to other owners to ensure we've created liners that both meet the needs of the animals but also look good for the owner to enjoy in their home.

We have been able to source a material called Zorb™ direct from the manufacturers so that all of our Liners use this amazing material. Zorb™ is 20 times faster at locking away liquid than any other material including cotton, bamboo and microfibre which are used in other cage liners. It also absorbs 10 times it's weight in liquid in half a second. We are the only UK based cage liner makers who use this material in all their absorbent cage liners. You can't get better elsewhere and these are all still hand made in the UK.

Zorb has the added benefits of being a lot lighter than towelling which is used in other liners and it also dries a lot quicker, even if you don't tumble dry which you do have the option of should you be short on time.


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