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It's been another busy year and one with lots of changes for us. Our Little Boy is not so little now and is walking around and "helping" whenever he wants to. We also moved house in January of this year and still getting things organised and sorted out. Amongst all this Elaine quit her part time job to concentrate on being at home with our little one and also to focus more on CandE Cosies.

So, what's new? Well we have a few things to tell you about with new ideas, an old favourite returning and possibly new fleeces on the way.

Custom Cage Liners

We have been making custom cage liners for some time now and they are so popular that we haven't had chance to get our ready made stock levels back up. We don't mind but obviously it does mean we can only offer custom made liners at the moment. Up until now you have been able to order a Single Colour liner meaning one that's the same colour on the front and back. However, we are now offering DOUBLE COLOUR liners. This means you can have one colour on the front and a different colour on the back.

Allowing you to order liners like this gives you the opportunity to mix your cage designs up or change the colour of the cage using just the one liner. There is a small additional charge for this option but given the benefits we think it's worth it. As with all our liners, these do still qualify for the multi liner discounts.

Take a look here: Custom Cage Liners

Ramp Tunnels Update

Our ramp tunnels are hugely popular and are unique to us. This has been fantastic as we know how many guinea pigs lives they have changed by encouraging them to go up and down ramps they never used to go near. The down side is they do take a long time to make and we haven't had chance to stockpile them. However, we have made some effeciently changes and so do have a bit more time available to make these to order and so we are also now offering the 900mm length tunnels again as well as the 750mm.

Take a look here: Ramp Tunnels

New Fleeces Coming?

We have been using the Anti-Pil Polar Fleeces for our liners since we started but they are limited in designs and so we have been looking at alternatives. In doing so we have researched Cuddle Fleece which we are hoping to stock soon once we can get prices etc confirmed with our suppliers. Cuddle Fleece has the same wicking properties as polar fleece but is softer to the touch. Used in line with Zorb, our liners made with Cuddle Fleece will be just as absorbent as our Polar Fleece alternatives. We will update you all once we have more info.

Take a look here: Fleece Options


We are always open to feedback and suggestions so if you have anything you would like to tell us or suggest as an idea for our products then please do get in touch here: Contact Us

Many thanks

Elaine, Dave and family.

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