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Illness Over - Orders Being Taken Shortly


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Illness Ending and Orders Being Taken Shortly

About 8 or 9 weeks ago, Elaine started to feel quite unwell after developing some breathing difficulties and a bad cough. We initially put this down to that time of year but it proved persistent. After several weeks and us suspending orders Elaine's condition got worse and we rushed her into hospital and were taken to High Dependency straight away. It transpired that she has, in essence, an allergy to birds and specifically Parrots which we were looking after at the time. In addition to this she got an infection from the broncosopy they carried out to check her lungs.

Thankfully over the last few weeks and a week in hospital on oxygen, Elaine has recovered well. We have intentionally waited to make sure she has had no relapses to interrupt taking orders and she seems to back to normal again.

With this is mind, we will be opening the website back up to orders again next Monday, the 3rd April. We look forward to seeing some of our regulars as well as new customers. Given the enquiries over the last month or so we do expect there to be a large number of orders from the start. If this is the case it could potentially delay the first batch of orders but we will do what we can to keep this to a minimum.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding during the last couple of months and we look forward to "seeing" you soon :)

Kind regards

Dave (and Elaine)

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