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Delays with Materials


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Frustrating Delays

As many of our regulars would've noticed it has been a little while since we were accepting orders. With it being the run up to Christmas this was not the ideal time for us to have "shut down" for any period of time, let alone several weeks. So why was this?

Well, the intial problem was ordering the material in the first place. The Zorb fabric we use to make our liners the most absorbent is imported from the USA direct from the manufacturers. This enables to keep the costs down as much as we can as many of you will be aware that buying it in the UK isn't seemingly very cheap. However, on this occasion we decided to order some other fabrics as well as we have had many customers enquire about getting hold of Zorb, Zorb II, microfibre and heavy bamboo fleece. Now, for time being we will continue to only offer Zorb as a core material but may look into other options but we have imported it to sell to the general public in the UK and across Europe, something no other UK based company does.

Anyway, there was some to-ing and fro-ing trying to get the order placed and then BINGO, alll ws sorted, invoices paid and the material was on it's way. Here lies the next problem. The material hit English "soil" in the middle of October but we heard nothing. We trid to chase but was passed around until eventually we heard something at the beginning of November. More discussions, arguments, problems etc until finally the material was released from customs and was delivered to us. YAY!!!! What should've taken 4-6 weeks has taken something like 10 weeks to do and in the mean time we got inundated with orders which used up our last reserves of Zorb.

So, this is why we had to close down at one of the most important times of the year. We do have some more news to give over the coming weeks but for now it's FULL SEWING AHEAD! Please place your orders and we'll get your liners to you as soon as we can, usual delivery timescales apply.

Many thanks

Elaine and Dave

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