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Serious Illness Stopping Production


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Unfortunate Illness and No Add to Cart Option

As most of you will be aware, we're currently unable to fulfil any orders at the moment. This is not because we don't want to be or we intend to close down but actually due to an unfortunate but serious illness that Elaine has been suffering from.

In the middle to end of January, Elaine started complaining of pain in her chest and lungs which was accompanied by a persitent cough and moments of difficulty in breathing. After a few days it seemed to start improving with rest and usual medication. However, our daughter came home from school with a cold and this set Elaine back and she was really struggling. We arranged for a GP appointment and was then referred to the Respiratory Hot Clinic at the local hospital. Have to say, the hospital and staff were fantastic. Lots of blood tests, CT scans, respiratory tests etc ensued and after discussing the situation at home it appeared that Elaine was suffering from something similar to bird-keepers lung, caused by a parrot we were looking after. At this time we managed to complete all the outstanding orders we had and took the decision to hold off taking more orders until Elaine fully recovered.

Unfortunately, by the end of February her condition got worse and we rushed her into hospital where she spent 5 days on oxygen. Again the staff were fantastic especially given the unusual nature of the condition and also for keeping us calm despite how serious her condition was. We later found out that she was almost admitted to ICU as they were that concerned for her.Thankfully Elaine came out of hospital a few days ago but is still sufffering from a lot of chest/lung pain though her breathing is improving.

We have no immediate timescale but are planning on starting taking orders as soon as we can but hope you appreciate that Elaine's health is more important and we will not start production again until we are certain she can sustain making liners, pockets, ramps etc. The last thing we want to do is set Elaine back on her recovery and also it makes no sense to start back up if the likelihood is we'll have to stop again.

Due to Elaine's inability to currently make any of the liners, this is why there is no Add to Cart buttons on the site. We have left the site active so that people can visit and show interest which in turn helps keep our prominent position. you just can't currently order anything.

Many thanks to everyone for their understaning and patience, especially those people who had ordered from us and waited until we were able to get their orders out to them. Your faith in us was fantastic. Please do bear with us and we will update you all as soon as we have information about when we will be taking orders again.

Kind regards

Dave (and Elaine)

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